Get Active!

Children thrive physically and mentally with regular physical action. At Future Extreme we have a variety of classes that promote increased activity in and out of the gym. Our classes are built with a linear skills progression so each athlete is aware of their progress, which also aids them in setting and achieving individual goals. The core fundamentals and development that relate to tumbling can be found in all other sports as well. Regular tumbling classes will develop core strength, exceptional flexibility and balance, body awareness and amazing self-confidence. First class is FREE; call us now to schedule your child’s enjoyment!

Allstar Life

Are you addicted to jumps, tumbling, stunts and dance? Are you ready for greater intensity and the thrill of competition? If you answered yes, then you are at the right place.  Future Extreme is the area leader in allstar cheer and has a phenomenal record of athlete development and competition success!  Allstar Cheer teams provide an engaging environment to grow, develop and learn many life lessons. In addition, organized sports provide a fantastic social network of local and regional athletes that share a common interest. Full year Allstar Cheer tryouts are usually held late April to early May. Half year/Non-travel team tryouts are held mid-October. We have to warn you though; once you start you won’t ever stop!